A Bottle of Fairy Magic

A Bottle of Fairy Magic

When I was seven years old, I got Avon perfume for Christmas. It was called Delicate Daisies and came in a beautiful fairy bottle.


The fairy was a Tooth Fairy, and came with a little purse for holding your tooth. She was pale blue, and her gown was covered in stars. She even had stars in her hair! Not only that, she had wings and a detachable wand that glowed in the dark. GLOWED. IN. THE. DARK.  I was the happiest girl in town.


But then, tragedy struck. I had a curious two year old brother.

Two year old brothers and bottles of fairy perfume do not mix well. He decided to investigate my fairy while I was busy opening another gift. Before anyone realized what had happened, he’d managed to unscrew the bottle and dump ALL the perfume on the living room floor.

I cried and cried.  I took the empty fairy bottle to my room and put her on my bedside table. She stayed there for several years, keeping me company at night. Anytime I lost a tooth, I’d put it in her purse and it would be replaced in the morning with a quarter! She was magical.

I would stare at her as I went to sleep at night, transfixed by her peaceful expression. Her glowing wand comforted me, and made me feel like magic was really possible in the world.

At some  point, the fairy bottle disappeared. I don’t know ifit was when we moved to another house when I was 13, or if my mom just got rid of it when she was going through stuff she thought I had outgrown. But time moved on and I forgot about my fairy.


Fast forward to today. I was shopping the HWY 68 Yard Sale – a 400 mile sale that runs through Kentucky, along historic Highway 68, and goes right through my little town.

My husband and I were just hunting casually, eyes skimming a table full of junk, when I saw her. My fairy. Suddenly I was seven years old again, and I felt like I was seeing a long lost friend! I picked her up, and felt a curious nostalgic warmth rush over me. She was just as lovely and peaceful as I remembered. She still had her wand, her wings, and was FULL of perfume! The little tooth purse was missing, but she was still magical even without it. Fifty cents later, she was mine.

She is now sitting on my bedside table. And tonight I think I’ll feel a little more peaceful as I go to sleep, and just maybe like magic is still possible in the world.

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  1. woooow i know the feeling,but i had the mice Groomsman with out the bride~for the longest time
    i felt bad,& sad knowing the the male mouse was wifeless,i looked high & low at every single 2nd hand store we drove by,yard sales,rummage sales,everything to know avail~nothing~~~Then Finally our family was on vacationew went to a Big Flea Market.i looked around not even knowing i may or may not find the bride~so as we checkout out all the entire flea market room to room (it’s a long storage building).Then there she was~!!!!..THE BRIDE ALL DRESSED IN WHITE~Waaaahooooo~!!!..i felt like i won the lottery….the find was finally over~i felt like they finally found love,they were finally husband & wife~it made my weekend..i was past cloud 9.. 🙂

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