My Cinderella Story Dresser

My Cinderella Story Dresser

Just like Prince Charming, I had dreamed of finding an unwanted beauty to rescue.  I had read stories of others finding a discarded treasure left out for the trash, and hoped that one day I would have my own rags to riches story. There just had to be an object of desire waiting for me in a tall tower (or dirty garage) somewhere.

Then one day, on an early morning walk in summer and ON GARBAGE COLLECTION DAY no less, I turned the corner and saw it.  There on the curb was a beautiful 4 drawer wooden dresser. As I got closer I could see its potential.  The handles and the curve of the drawers told me it was an older piece. I spotted a man in the garage near the driveway and called out to ask if this was his old dresser.  “Its BEAUTIFUL!” I blurted out.  He told me that it had been in his garage for years holding tools and he was cleaning out. It was mine if I wanted it.

I raced home to wake up my husband and grab our SUV to haul it home.  My husband did not share my enthusiasm, especially that early in the morning.  

He took forever to get up and ready.  OK it was really only 5 minutes but I had a damsel in distress to save!!  Finally we were out the door.

As we got to the corner, I looked left.  THE GARBAGE TRUCK! To the right, was my prize 3 houses down.  I panicked probably more than I should have, but we pulled over and scooped her up just in time.

Her appearance was tacky at best.  She was wearing shiny gold paint with a white overlay crackled finish.  Someone had spray painted the handles with a textured gold spray paint to finish the job.  

She was certainly not ready for the ball.  This fairy godmother had her work cut out for her.

I set about a makeover that would uncover her true beauty.  I applied Strypeeze Semi Paste Stripper with a sponge brush.  Within minutes it was bubbling up and easy to scrape. The grooves on the side were the only battle, but with a different variety of tools I was able to scrape out that awful paint.  

The drawers were also easy with just that curve for design.

I did have to do some minor repair on one of the corners of the dresser.  It was dovetail so I just needed some wood glue and some clamps to make it good as new.  

She was stripped and clean, and now, how to showcase this gorgeous old wood on this dresser.

After a good sanding, I went with a dark walnut stain to showcase the regal lines of the dresser.  I did a light sanding before the second coat which then dried to a beautiful shine.

Now on to the “accessories”.  I soaked the handles in the Strypeeze solution to get the nasty paint off.  It peeled off with a gentle wipe. The finish underneath was perfect so I didn’t even need to spray paint them.  I rubbed on a little olive oil just to shine them up.

The finished masterpiece ended up finding a place of perfection in our master bedroom.  She now shines with her high gloss like a diamond that was polished.  

I love a Cinderella story. The overlooked and unloved lady that is discovered, spruced up, and brought to a place of royalty.  Classic love story and a happy ending.

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