Deb’s 127 Yard Sale Finds- 2018 Edition

Deb’s 127 Yard Sale Finds- 2018 Edition

Because school starts early for us here in Georgia, our 127 Sale is a whirlwind weekend instead of the glorious 4 day bargain fest that it was in years past.  But since our shopping time together is sacred, we refuse to bypass the event. Worth it? YEAH. WORTH IT.

Here is a list of the bargains I came home with, and hopefully there are some future upcycle projects lurking in this pile.

The first thing I bought was in our self-named “Valley of Treasures”.  It’s a small valley off the 127 that is brimming with vendors and an old barn with items.  One vendor there had a pile of old doors from a post office in Austin, TX. Not only do they look art-deco cool, He told me how I could figure out the combination to open the door.  I got one to play with for $5.

We found a fabulous trunk further down that we didn’t buy, but spent a good 20 minutes pouring over the old newspaper we found inside from 1924!  Below are some pictures.


At a very large vendor spot we found some original items.  Check out this old carnival ride from the Louisville County Fair!  Not sure who would purchase this but it was neat to see.

I was thrilled to find something there that I had hunted for years to find.   My husband is an avid smoker of meats and other food entities. We had spotted a vintage steamer/smoker box years ago, and it was priced at $100.  We just didn’t have the money then so I told him I would keep an eye out. And here at this spot, it was shiny and only $35. The husband is thrilled and he plans to use it as a cold smoker to smoke cheese and salmon.

We ventured to a few other spots where I found some board games for $4 together.

And this little milk can.  I plan to paint a monogram on the side and use it out on our front porch.  It was $22 but she gave it to me for $16.

She also let me have this for $1.  Not sure what I want to do with it yet.

This embroidery hoop was $1, and I have plans for it in my daughters room.  I will reveal that transformation in a later post.

I also found this mirror for $2.  If you know me you know that I love roses.  But it’s going to get a paint treatment to take it from 80’s to shabby chic.

We ended up at the (self named) “Field of Dreams” after lunch.  This is a field on a farm that is packed with vendors. It’s a great spot for a variety of goodies.  

Here I found a cute table for my front porch for $8.  It’s solid wrought iron and will match my vintage porch furniture.  Just needs a good repaint.

After Mel added an old lamp stand to her porch (read about it here) I was inspired to do the same.  So when I spotted this, I bargained and got it for $8. It is solid iron and I love the worn finish.

Several vendors had dollar tables, so I grabbed a few odds and ends.  This white pedestal bowl, and the 2 lidded bowls were $1.

The Spring blossom bowl was $4 but it adds to my growing collection.  I bought it from a lady that always has Pyrex and lots of it.

The next day we were able to squeeze in a quick trip down the road.  I bought a red gingham kitchen curtain for $1.  I also found a pair of sandals for 25 cents. Is it crazy that I might paint them?

Right before heading home I found a vendor packing up that had a pile of large framed pictures.  They were $1 each so I could not pass up looking through them. I grabbed these 3 and have plans to make them chalkboards.  

Lastly, I need to add something I came home with but did not buy this weekend.  Mel had found me this cute set of luncheon set, all 4 cups and plates for ONE DOLLAR.

What a trip!  Super fast but always fun with Mel and her family.  Stay tuned for some projects with these goodies and posts about how they are used.

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