127 Yard Sale – FAILS 2018

127 Yard Sale – FAILS 2018

Every year for the last ten or twelve years Deb and I have made the 127 Yard Sale a priority. It has been the girls’ weekend tradition that’s brought more treasures into our lives than any other flea market experience. It is also the joint adventure that birthed this blog. While we have shopped and hunted treasure at this sale, we’ve also been keeping photographic evidence of some of the weird, wild, wacky and WRONG things people sell at this event. So since the sale just culminated a couple of weeks ago, it’s time to enlighten our readers.

The 127 Yard Sale FAILS – 2018

First, there was this weird, um, person. I started to say “guy”, but the anatomy makes this ambiguous. I passed by the sale it was standing guard at about three times over the course of the weekend, and its outfit was different each day. One of those days it wore a tutu. I’m sorry that I only photographed it once.

The next curious-looking guy I came across was hanging out in the “Field of Dreams” as we affectionately call it. He was wearing a name tag that said “Josh” and a pair of tiny boxer shorts. Old Spice brand somethings were thumb-tacked to his body. His head was a decorative bucket, and his pet donkey made of driftwood sat beside him.

My daughter modeled this lovely, weird Tiki mask for me.

Another oddity that loomed large in the same tent was this giant face. It was at least five feet tall. At first I thought it was a moon.

But someone on our Facebook page suggested it was the face of Thomas the Train or one of his friends! That seems plausible. But I’m not sure what anyone would do with a five foot tall face. Wall art, anyone?


Elmo, sporting some overgrown facial hair and a Louisville cardinals cap, was riding a little girl’s bike with training wheels. On top of a table. If you look close, you can see his eyes peering out from under his bangs. He looked wistful.



This piece of wacky art was at the back of the same tent. It is obviously a “bird dog”. Covered with every kind of plastic avian species you can imagine. It wears a goose head, a flamingo, a parakeet, a chicken… and more. And for $300 it can be in your living room.

As I was driving away from that site down 127, I glanced over into someone’s yard and saw this faceless cloth child peering through the slats of a hay wagon. I knew I had to stop, if for no other reason than to document its weirdness.

As I approached it from behind, I discovered it was wearing tights. Nothing else.


My son picked it up for a closer look. The lady on the porch announced that “it’s for standing in the corner of a room. It wears size 2T.”

Well.  Alrighty, then.


A bit later I came across this gem, in the same theme: pale white baby parts for home decor. This one is a pot head, unfortunately. And more than a little creepy. For $50 it can be yours. Just what your succulent needs to look its best.


Have you ever wondered what Dorothy wears on her feet in the winter? I found them. Ruby red boots with fur, glitter and all. For a couple of bucks you can follow the Yellow Brick Road even when it’s snowing!


I’ll just leave this lovely coffee table book right here.


Along the same lines, Deb and I saw the perfect coffee table to go with the above book. It was a little cluttered, but you couldn’t miss the striking parallels.




I suppose these lovelies are for drinking peanuts. Or peanut butter. Apparently, you will be very happy if you do.



We also saw a couple of mouth related items. First, this wonderful model of a mouth with teeth that can be removed for fun.


And this bank that allows you to live out what you say you believe by, in fact, putting your money where your mouth is.


This doll. Just plain creepy. I’m not even sure she has arms.


Ventriloquist doll wadded up in a box.

His name is Danny O’Day and he looks innocent.

But I don’t trust him.


Because this:



The expression on this bear’s face is slightly sinister, too. Or maybe I’m still creeped out by Danny Boy.



As long as we’re talking about dolls, you know those times as a child when you wanted to play bartender, but lacked the appropriate doll? Well, here’s the solution, complete with missing hand from trying to settle a drunken brawl. And he’s still happy. From the looks of the rod attached to his back, he might even sway back and forth so that you can pretend to be drunk while you look at him.


All in all, it was another successful year of Yard Sale Fails at the 127. I’m sure there were many, many more that we did not see. Did your camera happen to capture some weird, wild, wacky or just plain WRONG things being sold at the 127 sale this year? Our Facebook page dedicated to this pursuit encourages people from all over to post the Yard Sale Fails they spot, as well. Not just at the 127 Sale, but at flea markets and yard sales everywhere! All year long. So if you happened to capture some failures, please head over to our Facebook page here and upload a picture to share with us!

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