Curbside Items Transformed with Chalk Paint

Curbside Items Transformed with Chalk Paint

When the neighbors down the street moved out, they left a pile of trash by the curb.  As I drove by, I did that immediate rubber neck move that all of us trash pickers do.  I saw 2 ornate items that I thought had some life left in them. That afternoon I walked over and picked up these 2 cuties.  

The silver tray was solid and heavy.  It was tarnished, chipped and bent in some places.  In its heyday it probably was brightly polished and held a tea set or carefully crafted hors d’oeuvres.  Sadly, the days of polished silver dinner parties have gone by the curbside just like this tray.  

 I love the shape and the ornate details of the mirror. The plastic frame had a crack at the bottom, but I was sure I could fix it.  I decided the frame would fit perfectly in my teen daughters room in a soft gray color. 

As I always say, “Paint covers a multitude of sins.”

I decided that chalk paint, with its thick consistency and matte finish, would be a fabulous way to showcase all those ornate details and take them out of the dated past they were from.  I pulled out my paints in gray and white.

Project 1:  The mirror.

I disassembled the mirror and super-glued the crack.  My husband swears by this product and it has a curing spray that helps it bond immediately. I let it cure for a good hour before getting ready to paint.  Two thin coats of gray covered it well.

 I decided to add some depth to the color and soften the gloss.  Dry brushing some white chalk paint brought out the details.

I moved on to the platter while that was drying.  

Project 2:  The silver platter.

I gave it a good cleaning with a vinegar and water solution and scrubbed off the dust.  It would be too heavy to hang, so I decided it would serve better use as a chalkboard since .

Two coats of the white chalk paint covered the flaws.


I used chalkboard paint for the center and made sure to use 3 good coats to give it a smooth finish and cover most of the ornate pattern on the tray.  My cast iron cookbook holder is the perfect base to hold the heavy platter.

And now the curbside finds that would have been sitting in a landfill grace my home with their pretty ornate presence and have found a new life.



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