When Your Favorite Thrift Store Has Everything Half Off

When Your Favorite Thrift Store Has Everything Half Off

One of my favorite thrift stores in my hometown is an extension of a nursing home.  The elderly that they assist cannot live in their homes anymore, so they usually donate their home’s contents to the store.  It is a mecca for the Granny Chic items I love so much.

I wandered in one Saturday morning and perused the store.  It was a little busier than usual. Then I caught a conversation and someone casually mentioned that the entire store was half off.  Ummm what?? A minute later I got confirmation. An announcement was made over the intercom that indeed…the ENTIRE store, everything was half price.  

I made my way back to an item that I had seen but was not ready to pay $5 for.  For $2.50 this cute little lamp would be mine, even if I was not sure where I would put it.  

I ventured on through the store to see what other deals I could find.  I rounded the corner and saw this.


The ugly brown contact paper covering it didn’t deter me because I saw potential, especially since it peeling off.  AND OH MY GOSH it was marked $5. I sought reinforcement after sending these photos to Mel. She was quick to oblige and the text conversation went as follows:


                                D:  Mel please talk me into buying this item.  I am at a thrift store with

                          everything half off and it would be $2.50!!  I just have no place for it.


                    M: Um yes BUY it and find a place for it later!  Think about storage, and what

                        you could keep in it.  Maybe that will help.


I can always rely on Mel for justification of my thrift.  

I figured that it would make a great toy chest for my son’s room since he had a vintage toy theme.  He really didn’t have the room for it but I would try my best to make it fit.

So for $5 I walked out with 2 great thrift items ready for a new life.  

I got to work on the trunk when I got home.  I sprawled out on the kitchen floor and started to peel.  Surprisingly the contact paper peeled off very easily. I imagine it sat in a hot garage or attic and that wore down the adhesive.  Underneath it was a bright Army green.

I looked up information on the logo.

I found that these were common steamer trunks.  There is no proof that this is military, but the army green makes me wonder if it is.  The company went through a series of name changes but the trunk logo suggests it was produced between 1922-1965.  Not bad for the price of a coffee!

It currently sits in my son’s room and holds all of his plasticized tactical weaponry…aka his nerf guns.

The lamp needed no help with its cute hobnail glass bottom.  It just needed some cleaning. It also had good electrical cording so it was ready to use in my daughter’s room.

Here’s another great alternative look and an idea I used in my daughter’s nursery.  My mom saved many of my baby clothes including some cute dresses. One can simply be draped over a lampshade for an adorable lamp.  Just make sure the shade underneath is good quality so it does not do any damage to the dress.

Although I do not live in my hometown anymore, I do miss that thrift store and their sales.  I plan to get there on my next trip home.




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