Antique Coin Display

Antique Coin Display

This display turned out great and it was easy to assemble!  I don’t have pictures of my process since I did this project years ago.  I decided to show how I created it because I had to reattach 2 coins last week.

A little backstory- my dad’s Uncle Ernest was stationed in Europe during WWII.  He traveled and collected coins around the area. Several of them were clearly forged by hand.  He gave them to my dad when he was a kid.  I used to look at them and wonder about where they came from.

I decided to frame the old coins for his birthday one year.  My parents had recently moved in to a new house and it would match their Mediterranean style living room. 

I found 2 frames that would fit all the coins. 

For the backdrop I wanted something vintage. I decided on a world map to go with the old world coins. So I went by the local AAA and looked in the wall of maps to find a world map.  And since I had a membership, it was free. Membership DOES have its privileges!

I found the sections I  wanted to use, and I cut the area to fit the frames.  It needed to be more vintage, though.

The maps got a crumple treatment to create creases and give the appearance of age.  Then I straightened and crumpled again. I did this a few times until it had my desired amount of wrinkles.  I knew my dad had an old wooden shoe polishing kit and some old brown shoe polish. So I grabbed the brown and got some on a paper towel, and rubbed over the wrinkles and some on the paper.

Once I got the effect I wanted, I lined up the coins where I wanted them.  

The coins needed to be secure enough to hold them all on this flimsy paper, but not something that would damage the coins.  Some 2 sided adhesive foam tape worked to hold them in place. I cut each piece and put them on one at a time.  

Once I had them set, I added some glue to the backer so that the paper would not sag due to the heavy coins on the paper.

Here is the final picture of the framed coins.  My dad was happy to be able to display them.

This is an easy background that you can use to display any travel or international type item.  Vintage postcards, old keys, photos from world travels, etc. It’s a great way to show off a special place or moment in time.



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