About Us


My name is Melinda!  I am affectionately called Mel.
And my name is Debbie!  I am affectionately called Deb.
We are cousins that make up the dynamic duo of FleaMarket Fangirls.  
We grew up fascinated with old items and loved visiting our Grandfather’s house (affectionately called Grandy) which was full of antiques.  He grew up in the depression era and saw value in things that were being discarded or thrown away, so he would snatch them off the street or buy them cheap at yard sales.  His basement and house were full of unique treasures, from shelves of Edison phonographs to a turn of the century pump pedal organ.
When we were older we both discovered that we loved antiques and vintage items.  All items tell a story of days gone by and were once a prized item in their day.  We found ourselves drawn to antique malls and yard sales just to get our flea market fix.
Once Mel moved back to her home town in Kentucky we saw the clouds part and heaven spoke in an audible voice (ok maybe that is exaggerating) that we must rise up and go to the mecca of flea market sales….The 127 Corridor Sale otherwise known as….The World’s Longest Yard Sale. *que the angelic singing*.
 Heaven not only beckoned us to attend this event but allowed this street paved with antique gold to run right through the town where Mel lived.  Divine planning on God’s part, so we thank Him for that.
And thus was born an annual trip, a mutual love and obsession, and a desire to UNITE all FleaMarket Fangirls!